Alumni Anubandh

Dear Alumni,

Hope this note of mine will find you in the best of your health and well being.

“When the roots are deep there is no reason to fear the winds.”-Chinese Proverb.

The more rooted we are in our faith, relationship, values etc. the stronger we grow in life. In fact our family and alma mater are the scaffolding to help us realize our dreams.

The strides made by our school, the accolades received and its illustrious journey in the future, are possible due to the dynamic students. Every student who has walked into this portal of learning has left an indelible mark in its history, by his/her attitude, commitment for social development and holistic excellence.

We are proud to acknowledge the numerous successful students who have made a mark for themselves in the society and are delighted to invite all the alumnus to come and share their success stories and network with their ilk through our forum


(Alumni club of the school)

It is a platform for all Nav Bhartians to connect, communicate and converge. We exhort you to embrace this opportunity and make us even more  proud of you all.



(Mr. Sanjay Bhartiya)


Nav Bharti Public School,

Deepali, Pitam Pura, Delhi 110034