Art & Craft

Art and Craft

Art and Craft are activities, which enhance the creativity and aesthetic sense in children. Creativity basically stems from a strong desire to express one’s ideas, emotions, and feelings thereby lending meaning and achievement through

  • curriculum of the Art and Craft club
  • flower making
  • pot decoration
  • wall hanging
  • folder making
  • paper bags and paper art
  • oxidized statues
  • Jaipuri birds
  • foil structure
  • candles
  • stitching, embroidery and basics of
  • knitting
  • tie & dye
  • creative art out of waste.

Resource persons and experts are invited from time to time to give valuable tips to students to enhance their talents and skills. Students’ creations are also exhibited at various functions.

Trips and excursions Nainital

Trips and excursions

As part of our awareness programme for students, educational trips and excursions are organized .

Dance Ghunghroo


Dance at School inculcates the aspects of commanding fascinating world of imagination. Fusion of classical and folk dances motivates students to know more about the diversified Indian culture.

Guitar Musical Instrument


The school is well equipped with many types of musical instruments, and students are given practice.



Rangoli is a traditional floor decorating art. Through this art, the students get a chance to show their creativity. They learn to select designs according to the mood and theme of the occasion for which it is done. They also learn to combine colours and show perfection in their artwork. The students, using materials like dyed sawdust, zinc oxide and gheru, work out intricate designs. Diyas are used along with the design to give it a traditional and festive look. The students to give a warm welcome to the special guests visiting the school do this colourful art.